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Teal has looked after my dog, cats and fish since 2013. Her caring, experience and competence are appreciated.


~Judi Lacey


Teal watched Naish for a week while we were away, we couldn't feel more comfortable leaving him in her very capable hands. We receieved regular photo updates that let us relax while on vacation.


~Jana Kendrick


We have never left our dogs with anyone besides family before. The fact that Teal is an RVT made me feel very confident in hiring her. Once I met Teal and saw how she interacted with our "girls" my nervousness vanished. And once we went over what she was going to do with our girls while we were gone; I was actually excited for them! I loved the fact that Teal sent me personal messages while we were gone and also posted a funny facebook post with pictures of her with the girls. I will definitely be a returning customer. She is very reasonably priced and I loved knowing my babies were safe and happy while we were away.


~Kerry Trepanier


Thanks so much for grooming Timy Teal. You did a great job. He was pretty ratty and you made him beautiful. You treated him with such loving care, that he was quite happy to stay with you, when I came to get him.


~Graham Brown


Can't thank Teal and Pet Nanny enough for the great service and care she gave to my fur babies. Would highly recommend her!!


~Sue Canning


I used the Pet Nanny's services while I was out of town. It was so easy and convenient to have someone trustworthy and trained in my home. My cats could stay in their comfort zone and not stress. They were pampered with attention and pets. It was so nice to go away and not have to worry about what was happening at home. I would and have recommended the Pet Nanny to anyone going away and leaving their pets at home.


~Erin Seguin


Here is my honest  review of "Pet Nanny".
First off, I need to come clean with you, I am a wee bit "obsessive" about my dogs.
They are a handful (and in my eyes tiny little darlings lol).
It wasn't until they were approximately 5 years old, that I desperately needed someone to take them for a few days, while I had work done on the home.
I have three Maltese, a boy and two girls.
To myself and my husband, they are the sun and the stars, the children we could never have. To the general public, however they are "cute" but a royal pain the "derriere".
I dreaded finding a sitter for anything!
Let alone 2 whole days!!
And then...we found Teal. With her I felt confident that my three dogs would be well taken care of. I liked the fact that she is a RVT as that shows a real passion for animals, and in an emergency scenario, she would know what to do.
Honestly, we thought she'd refuse us after the meet and greet.
Understand, that all my tiny crew are adorbs, but Paris is hard to handle/hell on wheels. I was in shock when she agreed to watching the tiny minions.
The proof was in the pudding, so to speak, when she came to pick them up. The first day, they were confused but curious. The second day I said "Hey guys, it's Teal!!!" and they were running towards her. The third day wasn't even a "Teal Day",  but I had to take the youngest to the Vet, and we were joking about how furious the eldest two would be, thinking that he was sneaking off to Teals, all alone, without them!!

Also, when they were in her care, she sent me text updates with photos of my dogs and their smiling faces, showing that they were happy in her care. This was appreciated!

Anyways, the point is;
A) I am a spazz cadet and haven't left my dogs with anyone since they were born. And
B) I think (Maybe!!) myself and my hubby will finally get to go away on our ten year anniversary holiday without us worrying about our furkids.
Half of me hates to write this (well deserved) review, for fear that you may book Teal  during my planned vacay!!
So sorry, but if you see a disorderly crew of tiny Maltese with her, please plan for another (if less competent sitter) to watch your pets!! Thanks so much!!


~Jillian Samanc



Thank you Pet Nanny! Sully was able to stay in the comfort of his own home and have you come and spend time with him. A great service to people like us who are busy and have odd work schedules. Sully is looking forward to your next visit, to play outside with you.


~Steve Duguay


When Mr. Big first stayed with the Pet Nanny it was his first time not staying with family and so I was a little nervous about how he would do. And he did great because of the spectacular care he received from Teal. I know he really enjoyed himself and was looked after with love which made me feel totally comfortable. Many thanks to Teal, the wonderful Pet Nanny!


~Abby Moynahan


My dog Rolo was just 8 months old when we met Teal the Pet Nanny and the meet and greet far exceeded my expectations. Rolo was instantly comfortable, happy and playful with Riggs. The environment looked clean and safe and Teal was very kind and friendly with my family.  My daughter and I left the meeting feeling very comfortable. Rolo stayed with Teal for 5 days and as stressful as it is leaving your pet with anyone, Teal made it very easy.  We received daily updates and pictures of Rolo and it made it so easy for us to enjoy our trip away.We picked Rolo up and of course he was very happy to see us but I also think he was a little sad to leave Teal and his new best friend Riggs! I will definitely use Teal's service anytime I need someone to look after Rolo.Teal is very personable, friendly and professional.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for that special someone to care for your pet.


~Dorothy Nesbitt

With one aging cat and another that has a talent for breaking everything, Phyllo and Poppy Parker need a check-in when we travel. Teal is wonderful with the fur babes. It makes my day when I'm away and I get a picture of them happy and safe at home. 

Phyllo once was very sick while on Teal's watch and she got him to our vet, sat with him and even put me on speaker phone so I could "be there" to talk to the vet. Her good judgement and caring is the reason he recovered. As a registered Vet Tech I feel so confident knowing she is there. 


~Sue Rice


I am in awe as to how my rescue cat Oxley has taken to Teal. The first timeTeal came for a few days and I was apprehensive as to how he would behave since it was the first time I had left him. Low an behold, this was the third sitting and Oxley has found a second mother. Thank you for feeding my wild birds also.

Her love of animals, her care and professionalism has made her a top notch Pet Nanny. She may be a dog whisperer but she is also a cat whisperer. Goodluck in your endeavors.


~Marcelle Hubert


Leaving your pet in the care of someone he doesn't know is difficult to do. The Pet Nanny goes out of her way to make sure your pet is loved and cared for just as you would do. She is extremely professional and has an obvious love for animals. My little pooch was happy to see me, but I'm not "all that sure" he wanted to come home. Regular posts on Instagram and e-mail allowed me to see my little guy on a regular basis. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Pet Nanny. You can go away knowing your family member is in the best of care.


~Bev Milobar


I would like to thank Teal for coming all the way to Windsor to take care of Doug and Bauer. It was great to get a text and a video on how the boys were doing. I will for sure be using her in the future and will be highly recommending her.


~Carleigh Boose


Finding someone that you can trust to take care of your most precious four legged friend and furthermore, letting them freely enter into your home is not an easy task, however, we have found that in Teal.

Although we know that our Tucker has a lot of energy to manage and can sometimes be a handful , we know that she takes such great care of him and loves him as if he was her own. We love receiving the photo's and video's while we're away which give us further comfort in knowing that he is being loved.

I would highly recommend Teal if you're looking for someone that you can trust wholeheartedly to respect your property and take care of your fur baby!!

~Christina Bilton


I would recommend the Pet Nanny to anyone. My dog is always happy to go there, and I feel totally safe with leaving her there. My dog is happy when I pick her up. She is well taken care of. I'm so glad I found the Pet Nanny!!

~Polina Klassen


I have known Teal for about a year. Last summer she would take Nala for walks and Nala absolutely loved it! She was always so excited to see Teal, and Riggs too of course! Recently we got a second dog and I just came back from picking them both up from spending the night, and to be honest, I don't think they wanted to come home! Teal sent me pictures and videos during our night away which made me feel like I wasn't even without them! She kept me updated the whole time and did everything in her power to make the pups comfortable during their stay. She accommodates their individual needs and creates a home away from home for them. I could not be more happy with all the services she provides! She goes above and beyond! I can leave them with not one worry or concern, knowing they are being well taken care of! My only worry is that they aren't going to want to come home! Thanks so much to the best Pet Nanny ever!



Teal took care of our two pet cats for over two weeks - coming to our home every day. Our cats were obviously very well taken care of - we just returned this morning and all was well. When she came to see us - Kierra , the one came to see her. Teal also sent us the occasional video clip and pix during her visits. She is a wonderful Pet Nanny and we totally recommend her. We will have her return whenever we go away!


~Swierina Stratford


We were nervous about leaving our rescue dog Manjula with friends while we were on vacation. Manjula had unexpected surgery just a few days before we were supposed to leave, and knowing she was staying with Teal, a vet technician, put us at ease. Teal was knowledgeable, and excellent with keeping in touch with us on vacation about Manjula and her recovery. Manjula thought Teal and her mom were so sweet and would definitely like to stay there again. Would recommend; 5/5 stars.


~Monica Overton


It’s impossible to describe to someone who doesn’t have pets the peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved ones are being well cared for in your absence. Teal is professional, competent, and compassionate, and provides regular updates for us worried owners. She’s even managed to win over my one scaredy-cat, a feat bordering on miraculous!  I have no hesitation recommending her services.

~Dr. Lori A. Phillips


I have been using Teal’s Pet Nanny Services for over 6 months now and love having her take care of my sweet Murphy. My husband and I both work long hours and need extra help when we can’t make it home in the middle of the day. We did our research and found a qualified RVT for the job. Murphy was still a pup when he first met Teal. After the initial meeting, I felt very confident that he would be in good hands. Not only is she extremely qualified but she also truly cares about the individual needs of her clients and has a kindness and gentleness about her that Murphy responded well to. It gives us a peace of mind to know that Murphy is getting some love and exercise while we are at work. I appreciate the regular photos and mapped walks she sends while she’s there so I can see what my little boy is up to. I especially love it when she brings her Mascot, Riggs, over for visits. He is Murphy’s best friend! 

Teal is trustful, reliable and very accommodating to any changes in my schedule. I would highly recommend her services! 


~Kathleen Schnekenburger 


Knowing Teal is with our baby Farley, it takes a huge weight off our shoulders during day trips. It is also reassuring on how much he totally loves hanging with her and well the cookie afterwards doesn't hurt either!

~Jeff Robinson


Teal is an excellent pet nanny, we use her often for our 2 dogs. She sends all kinds of pictures while she has them too! My dogs love her, and a lot of the time she will come and do a home visit and walk them if we are gone for the day only! I highly recommend her and have many times!

~Jerri Morris


Teal is amazing! Lola just loves her! It's nice to have someone that u trust to keep your animal! She's the best!!

~Triscia Brown


I have had the pleasure of using Teal's pet-care services a number of times now and will continue to do so! I felt confidence in her animal knowledge and genuine interest in pets right away during my consultation with her. It gives me great peace of mind knowing I can trust Teal in my home, with my animals. I can also see in the pics she takes while at my home that the "boys" really like her too! I would not hesitate to recommend the pet care services that Teal provides.


~Katherine Burt


Teal is truly amazing! She makes is possible for my husband and I to travel without worry. Before we discovered Teal's Pet Nanny service we weren't even able to leave for the weekend, as our cat requires twice daily medication. We now can vacation with confidence because we know that Teal is taking excellent care of our little glaucoma star. And to be honest, we are actually convinced he likes her better!


~Natasha Chortos





Willow and Cinnamon.jpg
Qira and Rood.jpg

Teal is one of the best pet sitters in the county. Always punctual, reliable and so caring. Our 2 dachshunds love her visits. She truly spoils them.

This is conveyed through the pictures she sends to us so we know all is going well while we are away. We can go away feeling confident our dogs and house are in good hands.


~Fred and Liz Hotz

We are so happy with Teal as our pet sitter. She’s always there for our kitties when we need her. Everyday she send us photos and updates and she takes such good care of the kitties. One of the cats needs medicine for an allergy problem and that’s no problem for Teal. We see that the cats really likes her.



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